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Hail Repairs
Although hailstorms are not as frequent in the UK than in Europe, the weather in our country is certainly fluctuating and there are more and more incidences of hail in our region.
When these storms do hit, damage to vehicles can be significant and some storms can leave your vehicle on the verge of write off or leave you with major depreciation in its value.
In extreme cases, hail can leave considerable damage behind and leave you with hundreds of dents in just one panel!
If you are unfortunate to have a badly damaged hail car, please give us a call for further advice. This would usually mean that we encourage you to contact your insurers and once you have followed their procedures, you are then entitled to request a company of your choice to repair the damage. We have been contracted by numerous insurers and customers to repair their vehicles.
Our technicians at Ace Dentura are experienced in hail repairs and we have thousands of hail cars under our belt.
Hail repairs are very intense and can be very labour intensive. To gain access to the panels, it will usually require appropriate stripping and removal of trims and then the fun begins! Massaging and manipulating the metal on every single dent to ensure the panel is returned to perfection.